We are Brazil's pioneering securitization platform.

We operate Brazil's most comprehensive and pioneering securitization platform. With 22 years of experience, we have managed securitizations worth more than R$82 billion, including CRAs, CRIs, Financial Debentures and FIDCs funding companies and projects across a wide range of economic sectors. Since 2021, we have been an independent company and Jaguar Growth Partners investee.

We work in partnership with originators and distributors of securities, which ensures our nationwide presence as a connecting link between the capital market and businesses.

To drive your earnings, we act as partners who understand your requirements and recommend effective solutions for your projects. We do this on the back of knowledge, creativity and technology for agile decisions that make capital markets more accessible. From the field to funding startups, we connect companies to investors and ensure more liquidity. Attention to detail, simplicity and transparency are our hallmarks in every case. This is how we find solutions for current and future requirements. In a constantly evolving market, our mission is enabling clients to securely evolve their business.

OUR VALUES We invest in stewardship, trust, and transparency.
Excellence for our partnerships

Our meticulous focus is applied to each and every business venture that we drive. Our team is personally responsible for building close, transparent and ethical relationships while fostering the trust that builds long-lasting sustainable partnerships.

Collaboration as essence

Our environment ensures fair and inclusive exchange of ideas and expertise to help formulate the best solutions for our clients. Outspoken and mutually respectful relations make for a unique workplace that encourages meaningful interactions.

Traditionally innovative

Innovation has been part of our DNA since inception. We are connected a fast-changing society to meet today's needs and tackle tomorrow's challenges. Entrepreneurial tradition and pioneering spirit to build a better future: more user friendly, accessible, and secure.

We will always go the extra mile

We are tirelessly developing creative but effective solutions tailored to our clients' realities. Seeing our initiatives get positive impacts is what fuels our drive to go further.